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Monday, March 3, 2014

March already...

Hi guys !) It's been quite a long time i didn't show you any photos, time runs so quickly for me these days and I have a lot of changes around me, changes for good :) So here we are on March now and I've decided to share some last March souvenirs from Gibraltar with its adorable english monkeys... I enjoyed photographing them sooooo much- they are so lovely, the funny ones and those with sad and so-close-to-human eyes... Hope you'll love them too ! 

I had to be very attentive to not get my camera stolen by some of them ))))))

my favorite one :)

Africa view

Have a great week !)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Pastel thoughts...

First time I came to my best friend's new apartment roof I said something like 'hey, this is terrific here, do you mind if I'll do some pics? ' and honestly I did not really give her a choice :) This place made me think about that atmosphere of morning lights meeting industrial sharpened things, the mixture of tender and rude seemed so great.

After elaborating a kind of plan we have found a free sunday for this project and hoped for some great light to show. And the light was quit absent that day. Never give up, we created some very tender sweety-vanilla shoots which I like pretty much.

Pastel shades feelings... wishing you to have a great week !)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

Happy New Year, guys !) 2013 was plenty of happy events in my life, this photo from our archive reminds me about my friends' wonderful wedding and the meeting day of others ;) it was also a year of big projects accomplishment and a lot of emotions... 

Life is not simple at all and very precious, there are some events of 2013 who would not let us forget about all these, but wish you to be strong and kind to each other, plenty of happiness to all of you !!)

So welcome 2014, please be full of joy and love, meeting people, creativity and colors explosion...and long life to photography !! <3

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sunset light

Sorry, guys, for not writing for a while, life is so busy for me lately, but I still have some beautiful projects to share with you so here is one of them with my dear Olga :) It've been a while I wanted to photograph her under the sunset light and the idea was finally accomplish this autumn, I think it was late September or early October, it was already difficult to catch some sunny days so we were quite lucky to have this light that evening :) 

I've realized that it'll be my blog first birthday soon and I'm so glad to see the evolution of my photography passion and your growing interest, thank you, guys, for all your support, love you !!) 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn diary...

Here is on of my late September shootings with Daniela, sun was getting down quickly and we were quite late for the session, but still motivated and it worked well :) wishing you a sweet november weekend !)

Cette session avec Daniela était un de mes derniers shootings de septembre, il faisait déjà noir  rapidement et on était assez en retard mais toujours motivés et le résultat nous plait bien :) avec mes voeux de doux weekend prolongé :) 

Это была одна из моих поздних сентябрьских фотосессий, солнце уже начинало садиться рано и мы очень так опаздывали, но желание было и получилось даже очень неплохо :) хороших всем выходных !)

Bon weekend !!)